Maternifit is a Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness Studio dedicated to empowering women through pregnancy and into new motherhood. We offer specialized training, doula services, childbirth education, parenting workshops, support groups, and a network of professional resources with community partners. With a customized training plan developed by a certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, you will feel strong and empowered through every trimester.  

Benefits of Prenatal fitness:

Benefits include: Increased Functionality of Placenta, Lower Risk of Preeclampsia, Mature Brain Function, Healthier Weight Gain, Less Fat Deposited, Stronger Core, Greater Mobility, Shorter, Less Complicated Labor/Delivery, Less need for medical intervention i.e. stimulated labor, forceps delivery, Birth by Cesarean, Lower Risk of Gestational Diabetes, Fewer Pregnancy Discomforts, Increased Circulation, Less Swelling, Higher Energy, Less Fatigue, and Faster Postpartum Recovery

I know there is a lot of stigma, and really, the word is ignorance, behind pregnant women and exercising. And the truth is, it’s good for the mom and the baby.
— Alysia Montano, Olympian & 5-Time USA Champion

Source: Exercising Through Your Pregnancy. James F. Clapp, III, M.D. & Catherine Cram, M.S.