Whether you were active before pregnancy or would like to begin now for the health and well-being of mommy and baby, during pregnancy or postpartum, we have a program for you.

“When I started training with Maternifit, I was 11 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but knew that I wanted to an active mommy-to-be. My first session I was hooked.”
— Crystal V.
Evelyn is such a kind and effective postpartum care provider. She helped me with my prolapse more than any doctor cared to even acknowledge, let alone help with rebuilding. I highly recommend training with her!
— Deborah G.
My labor was only 4 hours from my water breaking to her being born. It was our prenatal workouts, I’m convinced! Already counting down the days until I can get back into the studio!
I thought of all the mommies who were birthing with me! I had all the ladies from Maternifit in mind. I felt empowered and had an all natural birth! Baby came within the hour.
— Brisa D.
Thank you so much for coaching and guiding me in a healthy pregnancy. I am forever grateful to have found Maternifit and your patient, sweet soul.
— Adriana G.
Only my second session and I already feel stronger! (Core Connect Postpartum)
— Gladys A